Kev Howard is a professional photographer with over twenty years experience working in most aspects of photography but predominately working in fine art figurative, urban and rural landscapes, documentary and performance photography.

Kev has a great deal of experience in creating new works for exhibition and the corporate market, which covers both traditional photographic techniques, but also experimental. These experimental works can produce very striking images through the use of long exposures, abstract, theatrical costume and make up, to multiple exposures on camera.

"My figurative photography is where I get the most creative, but also it is what gives me the most pleasure to produce. I love working with people to explore both their true selves which is revealed in my portraits or to work more sculpturally in the figurative abstract images which look at shape, form, texture and lighting techniques to produce striking images. I like to take what is familiar and look at the subject in new ways, ways which make the viewer engage in the image by deciphering what part of the body we are observing."