Saltburn, a small North Eastern Town in Lockdown 

Today was one of those days where i just needed to be out. The studio seemed very claustrophobic, so needed some time away. I headed for a wonder, more than anything just for the fresh air, but also to photograph the affect of lockdown in my home town. It was quiet, too quiet, shops closed, not many people or traffic, bus's empty, but people were social distancing, and taking note of the government guidelines. 


Covid 19, Social Lockdown, Newcastle

This series of images is of the first night of the Covid-19 virus social lockdown, and its affect upon a large city, which happened two days before the UK's total lockdown.Where I live it is a small coastal town which doesnt have the same sort of nightlife, though the affects of closing bars and restaurants is the same, the scale and sense doesnt quite hit home like it does in a bustling city on the weekend. Ive spent so much time in Newcastle over the years for work, going to gigs and exhibitions, but to see the city essentially empty was eerie, but it also brings home the magnitude of the Corona virus and what we need to do to stop it spreading.

Earthbeat Theatre

Earthbeat is a theatre company consisting of 84 adults, each of whom has a learning disability. We provide a service that offers a range of activities designed to develop confidence, raise self-esteem and to give a sense of purpose.

This set of images was taken on their 25th Anniversary show bringing together some of the best moments from their 25 year history.

Middlesbrough Mela Parade 2014

Images from the 24th annual Mela festival held in Middlesbrough centre square. This is a celebration of all the diverse communities living in Middlesbrough, who come together sharing their culture through music, dance and kicks of with an themed parade through the town centre.

Whitby Goth Weekend 2014

Twice a year Whitby in North Yorkshire has a festival of all things Gothic and Steam punk where people from all over the UK descend on the town for three days of dressing up, music and parading through the streets in all their finery. These images are a portfolio of the 2014 Goth weekend

Anti Austerity Protest, Middlesbrough 2013

This protest is in response to the austerity measures the British Government has implemented since coming to power in 2010. Middlesbrough and its surrounding areas is one of the hardest hit regions in the country where these measures are causing real hardship to the communities. It was supported by Unite, PLC, Teesside Solidarity Movement, North East Anti Fascists, Andy MacDonald MP for Middlesbrough and the people of Teesside. 

La Fura Dels Baus, Stockton International Riverside Festival 2012

La Fura Dels Baus theatre company came to Stockton on Tees to showcase their Prometheus Awakes show as part of the Stockton International Riverside Festival. The show was a true pan disability performance working in partnership with Tin Drum Arts, Graeae Theatre Company and volunteers from the local community and disability groups. The group had five days to rehearse before their performance opening up Europe's largest street performance festival.